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Monday, January 31, 2011

Why no milk?

My catalyst for making up scrumptious treats whether beverage, savory or sweet are the adverse effects from a nasty allergy to milk, developed during adulthood and pregnancy. Actually the list is a bit longer then just milk, including: whey, sodium casienate, lactose, gelatin etc. Basically anything from the udder end of a cow is a no go for our table. My kids luckily can eat an actual steak and hamburger whilst I look on and dine on turkey burgers, pork or chicken of some sort. I can not eat beef  with out suffering the consequences, so I would rather not.

Since I am a die hard foodie, meaning I love food, all food- great food and sweet foods alike, I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge of my daily bread and how to properly prepare it to it's fullest potential. It can be a bit challenging to alter recipes that call for butter and milk, cream or beef, but I am not deterred till I can tantalize our tongues with equitable renditions. I love researching recipes and experimenting with my substitutions. There is something scientifically geeky while simultaneously primitively satisfying about creating sustenance that is both beautiful and mouth watering.

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